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Do you want to help your child become a successful, confident reader? Our reading scheme is proven to accelerate progress. It uses the Science of Reading and colour-coding to create successful, confident readers using an engaging approach that is easier for all.

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  • Children learn to read faster with Monster Phonics
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How does it work?

We help children to learn to read faster and more confidently.

Monster Phonics makes it easier to learn to read. It uses colour to help children remember the sound of more complex spellings that can be confusing. This helps children to read confidently and fluently. School subscriptions give access to all parents at home. Parents can subscribe too on a low cost monthly basis. This month we are including over £7 of physical resources with all new monthly sign ups (cancel at any time).

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Meet the monsters

Angry Red A

Letters making a long A sound are red.

a, a-e, ay, ai, ei, eigh, ea, ey

[Try reading it out]

It is not raining.

We play in the sand.

It is great to play.

Green Froggy

Letters making a long E sound are green.

e, y, ee, ea, ie, ey, ei, i, e-e, i-e

[Try reading it out]

She can see a tree.

He can see a f.ield.

They have a yummy picnic treat.

Yellow I

Letters making a long I sound are yellow.

i, i-e, y, igh, ie, y-e

[Try reading it out]

It is night.

My light is on.

The stars are bright in the sky.

Miss Oh No

Letters making a long O sound are pink.

o, o-e, oa, ow, oe

[Try reading it out]

The boat will float.

The river flows.

We are going to row.


Letters making a long U sound are purple.

u, u-e, ew, ue, eu

[Try reading it out]

A few cats persue a bird.

They are stuck in a tree. Can we rescue them?

The cats jump down. Phew!

Cool Blue

Letters making a long oo sound are coloured blue.

u, o, u-e, oo, ew, ue, ou, ui, o-e, eu

[Try reading it out]

It was cool at the pool.

The wind blew.

A group went to the zoo.

Brown Owl

Letters making a long ow sound are coloured brown.

ow, ou

[Try reading it out]

The owl is brown.

It drifts without a sound.

Down and out and around.


Silent letters that do not make a sound are white.

[Try reading it out]

We wrap a present.

Knock! Knock!

We give it to a friend.

Tricky Witch

Tricky letters help children learn to more complicated spellings which often make a different sound to what they might expect. They are gold.

[Try reading it out]

She wants some gems

This gem is a magic!

She said thank you.

The Black Cats

The letters of the alphabet and the consonant digraphs. These are the letter sounds that children are first taught in school.

[Try reading it out]

A cat sat on a rug.

It got in a box.

It had a drink and a nap.

Accelerate progress at home

The Monster Phonics colour-coded method is different to any other. Not only does it make phonics simple and memorable, it makes learning fun! So get out the felt-tip pens and paints! All children make remarkable progress in using our easy colour-coded resources. You will witness the jump in progress. Our colour-coded Flashcards, Magnetic Letter Kits, Books and Toys make learning successful and engaging.

The children have a new love for reading, they are excited to get their phonics books out and find out which monster they are reading about that day!

Leona Dixon from Barmston Primary School

We love the colour coding of books, especially for our EAL students and their parents. The concept is fun and engaging for children of all ages – we have even observed children bringing the monsters and their actions into their play. Thank you Monster Phonics!

Hannah Rudling, Deputy Principal, Al Ain English Speaking School

The Monster Phonics books are of high quality and the children are motivated to read them.

Breakspear Primary School

The books are lovely and unlike any other phonetically decodable schemes these books are lovely to engage parents into their child's learning. The layout has clearly been well thought out and supports our SEND children who have visual impairments. The text size and font used in the reception books has meant that specialist books with enlarged print have not been needed.

Libby Partidge from North Wingfield Primary School

I have recently ordered the first set of books in stage one for my little girl. We love how we both get parts to read on the pages, and the clever use of the monsters. Very much looking forward to watching my daughter progress and enjoy her reading journey with the monsters !! Great service, prompt delivery and the addition of the sounds and words posters was an unexpected bonus. Thank you Moster Phonics.

Nicole Partington

The parents love the Monster Phonics books especially the words in the front of the book as it really helps them to identify words that will appear in the story. They also appreciate the questions found in the books to help gauge their children's understanding, and they love the adult part of the text as it really helps the child to get excited about reading

Ashbrook Infant School

I am so delighted I found this program - something I will remember dearly from this pandemic lockdown! My son really enjoys the books, he would reach out to them on his own and read out for himself. He loves the monster characters and his only complaint was that Miss Oh No was featured only once (in our level book series). We all LOVE Miss Oh No song! Thank you so much for putting all this together.

Zusunny Dawood-Abadi - Parent

My son loves Monster phonics. He has amazing teachers at school who introduced it to him. His reading and writing are absolutely amazing. He is only 5, but other day we tried to read Year 1’s book & it wasn’t a problem for him. He was well chuffed with himself. That’s all because the colour code, he knows his monsters well lol. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put into creating such fun & easy way of helping kids how to read.

Ayan Robertson

The children love the books and even the parents have said they much prefer listening to their children read since having Monster Phonics books.

Becky from Woodstone Community Primary School

Lovely learning tool. My four year old loves the books and tricky word cards. Its helped her engagement and enjoyment of reading she has come on in leaps and bounds since she received them, we are very impressed.

Lucy Jay

An excellent service and amazing books. My step daughter started reading these at school and LOVES them, so we purchased them to support her at home too. Thank you so much!

Sarah Rowlands

We really enjoy reading the Monster Phonics stories together. It has really helped my daughter to gain confidence with her reading and she enjoys them which helps. Monster Phonics is great for engaging imaginations. My kids love the characters, each has their favourite. They make learning phonics so much more fun. The colour coding is great, especially for those visual learners.

Parents at St Oswald's Primary School, Wigan


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What is Monster Phonics?

Monster Phonics is a highly advanced multisensory Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme (SSP). It uses 10 monsters to categorise all sounds into 10 simple areas. Monster Phonics categorises sounds into 10 areas and uses the Monsters as a categorisation. Each monster has a different colour. That colour represents that way of spelling the sound.

What is a phonics book?

Phonics books use phonics that children have been taught. The order of teaching phonics is matched to the curriculum in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

The phonics focus words and high-frequency word practice boxes at the start of each book help children familiarise themselves with the phonics and vocabulary prior to reading. Comprehension questions help aid children’s development and inference skills.

How does Monster Phonics support learning to read?

Monster Phonics enables English to be learnt in a simplistic way. The 26 letters of the alphabet and combinations of these letters make 44 different sounds (phonemes) in English.

There are 144 ways (graphemes) to spell these 44 sounds. For example, the sound A is spelt 8 different ways; ay (play), ai (train), a-e (make), a (apron), ei (vein), eigh (eight), ea (great), ey (grey).

Monster Phonics uses the 10 monsters to categorise all sounds into 10 simple areas. Furthermore, each monster has a different colour and that colour also represents the sound. This means children can recognise the monsters and the colour associated with the sound, which helps them spell, read and write.

The use of monsters and the games associated with Monster Phonics ensures Monster Phonics is a fun and engaging way to learn, further accelerating the speed of learning for all.

In each book, colour highlights the focus spelling (grapheme). Monster Phonics also uses colour to help children to read high-frequency words (common words such as ‘when’ and ‘said’) with fluency. You will find that the colour is dropped from the word once that spelling has been taught.

How do you recommend schools use the decodable books?

To support learning, Monster Phonics decodable books should be read alongside the programme as part of your guided reading sessions. We recommend 3 guided reading sessions per week, after which the book is sent home for home reading. For further guidance on placement and how to deliver guided reading, please refer to the section on guided reading in our online manual.

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